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    вторник, 9 март 2010 г.

    http://www.somefunnyshits.com/ Advertising

    Founded in 2013, SomeFunnyShits is top destination for comedy.With hundreds of videos and pictures www.somefunnyshits.com has become a leader blog in the social humor and entertainment category.

    somefunnyshits.com/ delivers funny content through its network to a global audience of 20k+ unique monthly visitors.

    http://www.somefunnyshits.com/ ,adversite, ad spots ,sponsors ad spot

    Advertise on http://www.somefunnyshits.com/ :

    Ad Unit & Sponsorship Opportunities:
    IAB Units (250x250,125x125)
    Custom Sponsorships
    And more . . .

    For a detailed info of all ad types available on www.somefunnyshits.com please send your questions and contact information to

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