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    петък, 26 април 2013 г.

    Monthly Funny pictures | (April - Funny Dogs)

    Dogs of the day

    We need to look great ,so what we need is a great body right?
    How about a little Yoga ?
    Funny yoga dogs

    -"Hey guys ,you see that dog down there?I think that he thinks that he likes  spring . . ."
    -"You sure?Coz there are too many smells in the spring."
    -"Look at him and you'll see." 

    Funny dog at spring time
    -"Well ,yeah I may be can't recognize all the smells.
    But look at the next one!
    He was home alone and look what he did  :) !"
    -" Wut?I was only trying to help.But why you laughing on me???
    Look the next one he's trying to build a table :D :D :D ."
    Funny dogs

    -"Well ,yeah I'm Dog the builder.So yeah i can build a table.
    But when you're a superhero ,you can't be on time-out!"
    Funny dogs ,Funny Superhero dog
    -"You're wrong.I can have a timeout!
    I saw 'The Frozen Dog' last month.
    He couldn't tell me how he is ,cuz he was unable to speak :)."
    Funny dogs and lol dogs ,The frozen dog
    -"What are you talking about?I was just fine.
    Any of you guys have seen the lawyer?"
    Funny lawyer dog
    -"I'm here.
    I was busy getting out of jail Don Dog and his brother."
    Funny dogs and pictures
    -"Yeah ,thnx for that.
    Where is junior?"
    Funny puppies ,funny dogs
    -"It is friday right???
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