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Christmas fails compilation !! If you have a favorite, leave it in the comments.

Christmas fails compilation !! If you have a favorite, leave it in the comments. Want more fails? Subscribe!

Parachute Santa Slams Into Street
Woman Tries to Smash Gingerbread House With Knuckles
Santa Falls Off Motorcycle
Cat Can't Stand Santa Costume
Girl Cries Over Toy Santa Falling 
Cats Get Scared by Christmas Tree
Santa Run Participant Falls
Cats Won't Share Presents
Cat Takes down Christmas Tree
Kids Upset Over Soup Present 
Girl Gets drone Stuck in Hair
Little Girl Disappointed with Christmas Present
Fake Snake Begins to Move fail
Boy Cries Over Pretend Christmas Present
Dad Breaks Chair while Singing Song with Son
Empty Box Christmas Gift Prank
Girl Plays Guessing Game and Gets Surprised With a Head
Dog "Destroys" Christmas Decorations
Board Falls on Girl Doing Pushups
Birthday Boy Falls Off Couch While Opening Presents
Angel Falls off Top of Christmas Tree
Cats Accidentally Knock Over Christmas Tree
Candy Cane Karate Kick Fail
Wax Paper Skier Takes out Sister
Little Girl Jealous of Father's Christmas Present
Car Knocks over Christmas Tree
Baby Cries on Santa's Lap
Head Takes Christmas Tree Down
Kid Gets Excited Over Present and Falls
Christmas Freakout
Girl Confirms She's Seriously allright after Faceplant and more . . .
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