сряда, 21 декември 2016 г.

Fail 😂 funny fails 😀 epic fail 😅 failure 😝 fails of the month 😀 fun fail | december funny fail - best fails 2016

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Fail 😂 funny fails 😀 epic fail 😅 failure 😝 fails of the month 😀 fun fail | december funny fail - best fails 2016

In this video : Guys Push Friend in Hammock
Friend Falls Off Back of Dirt Bike
Snow from Roof Falls on Top of Man
Kid Smacks Big Mac out of Other Kid's Hand
Guy Accidentally Kicks Friend while Doing Soccer Tricks
Skier Crashes into Stranger
Girls Fall During Piggyback Ride
Girl Gets Tossed and Faceplants onto Grass
Girl Accidentally Hits Friend With Bat
Egged Car Glides onto Frozen Lake
Guy in Trash Can Gets Stuck Between Trees
Human Totem Pole Attempt Ends Badly
Man Flips into Friend
Guy Thinks He's Jumping Rope Blindfolded
Longboarders Crash Into Each Other
Friends Scare Sleeping Friend With Air Horn
Girl Flies Head First off Swing
Guy Gets Tackled by Friend in Bedroom
Girl Tries to Jump Into Trunk and Falls
Guy Startles Friend Awake
Guy Throws Ball Behind Back and Hits Teammate's Head
Friends Pull Out Table from Under Drunk Friend
Bathroom Clown Mask Scare Prank
Guy Throw Sleeping Friend Into Pool
Girls Fall on Christmas Tree
Guy Scares Friend at Urinal
Guy Scares Friend Opening Door
Guy Breaks Table His Friends Are Standing On
Kid Hits Friend in Face During Trick Shot Attempt
Man and Woman Get Hit by Car While Testing Virtual Reality
Guy Using VR Goggles Accidentally Hits Stranger
Guy Belly Flops into Pool
Girl Slaps Guy while Playing Beer Pong
Guy Falls after Running Away from Door
Guy Lights Roommate's Butt on Fire
Motorcyclist Gets T-Boned During
Makeshift Swing Snaps in Half
Motorcycle Bursts into Flames after Burnout
Lamborghini Crashes Between Two Cars
U-Haul Moving Truck Loses Contents
RC Plane Fails during Maiden Flight
Video Gamer Throws Controller and Breaks TV
Large Wave Comes Through Restaurant
Smack Cam Smacks Phone Off Bridge
Kitten and Laptop Fall Off Couch
Man Carelessly Drops Expensive Camera
Car Slams Into House Twice
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